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Practical Professional Development

We love working with teachers to develop engaging and challenging units that are connected to students' interests and the real world. We tailor make each workshop to fit the requirements of each team of teachers to maximise the impact for their learners. We aim to help teachers challenges students to develop their own meaningful answers to real world questions by designing lessons that strategically blend student experience and opinion with academic study and authentic experiences.

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K-12 Curriculum Development

We love working with schools to think about where they are, dream about where they want to be and plan how to get there. We specialise in K-12 curriculum development and integrating indterdisciplinary experiences, service learning and action opportunities, and making learning more personal and relevant for students.

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Inviting students into the learning

We're teachers first. We love working with students! We believe students are the people best placed to tell us educators how to make learning relevant and personal to them. We specialise in working with groups of students to design meaningful units, subjects, strategic plans, learning experiences, lessons and programmes. From working with early years students on what creativity means to them, to working with senior students to design year long service based projects, we relish any opportunity to work with young people towards making their learning journey more impactful and interesting.

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